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    Twitter has made one doctor’s idea transform into a national campaign for compassionate care.


    #HelloMyNameIs is a social media based campaign created by one doctor, Kate Granger, in order to encourage healthcare professionals to introduce themselves to patients.

    The campaign is now being backed by almost 30 NHS trusts, the Health Service Journal reports.

    Having no idea how much of an impact this campaign would cause, Dr Granger has seen it spread throughout NHS organisations across England and consequently has been praised as a foundation and driver of compassionate care.

    Dr Granger is an acting consultant in geriatric medicine at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust and a patient who has terminal cancer. She emphasised that this campaign could not have happened without social media.

    She stated, “Most of our collaborative launch across 30 NHS trusts has been organised with social media. Twitter has been central to spreading the core values of the campaign across the NHS and different professional groups.

    “Many people have got in touch using social media channels to invite me to speak at various events. We are having a collaborative launch of nearly 30 NHS trusts in February through the Listening into Action network – most of this has been organised with social media”.

    This is a key example showing how social media is being used to make changes in the NHS. Due to Dr Granger’s own experiences of being in hospital and noticing that many members of staff did not introduce themselves to patients before delivering care.  

    She felt that it was important to positively suggest that staff should take a few moments to do so, and the idea was very well received.

    Dr Granger further mentioned, “Without social media I don’t think there would be a campaign. The reach of Twitter is awesome – #HelloMyNameIs as a concept and driver to promote person centred compassionate care has spread globally because of Twitter”.

    It is extraordinary to imagine that a simple social media platform such as Twitter could hold such a vital part of the working lives of so many health service staff members.

    Damian Roland, a consultant and honorary senior lecturer in paediatric emergency medicine at University Hospitals of Leicester Trust stated, “Social media exists and must be part of the life of large organisations, including NHS organisations”. He shows his support as he is a keen user of social media channels including Twitter. 

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    January 26, 2015 by Shumila Begum Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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