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    Iain Duncan Smith has said the government are still discussing cutting housing benefits for under 25s.

    Despite not being mentioned in last week's autumn statement, the work and pensions secretary was unable to reassure the House of Commons that they are no longer planning to remove housing benefits from under 25s.

    David Cameron first mentioned a blanket cut of housing benefit for under 25s this idea earlier this year, and it was then confirmed as an option for welfare reforms by Chancellor George Osborne at the Conservative Party conference in October.

    These have since been mentioned in passing by other Conservative politicians with exemption critia, and over all have received many objections.

    When under 25s housing benefits were left out of Osborne's autumn statement last week where he discussed other cuts to the welfare budget, the theory was that it was no longer being considered following strong objections by Nick Clegg and other Liberal Democrats.

    However, when Labour MP Mary Glindon asked him to categorically confirm that it was no longer an option, Mr Duncan Smith has now said that there are further discussions to be had, despite no firm policy existing at the moment.

    He did however say that if the government did implement the policy, then all impacts on various groups would be taken into consideration.





    December 11, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Housing And Benefits

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