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    As part of welfare reforms, those who are unemployed will now have to take ‘basic steps’ towards finding work before they are able to claim benefits. Online Jobs Concept

    The employment minister, Esther McVey, is said to be planning to launch a significant government push on welfare this week by stating unemployed people must prepare for their first interview with a Jobcentre Plus adviser by preparing a CV whilst also setting up an email address and register on the government’s jobs website, reports the Guardian.

    This is due to the government wishing to put an end to the ‘signing on’ culture.

    McVey will highlight tough new rules for newly unemployed people. She will say: “With the economy growing, unemployment falling and record numbers of people in work, now is the time to start expecting more of people if they want to claim benefits. It’s only right that we should ask people to take the first basic steps to getting a job before they start claiming jobseeker’s allowance – it will show they are taking their search for work seriously. This is about treating people like adults and setting out clearly what is expected of them so they can hit the ground running. In return, we will give people as much help and support as possible to move off benefits and into work because we know from employers that it’s the people who are prepared and enthusiastic who are most likely to get the job. This change will mean people start their claim ready to look for work and will show they are serious about finding a job as quickly as possible.”

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    April 07, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Benefits

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