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    The government has announced that the roll out of universal credit will be accelerated. 3d Illustration Of Computer Technologies. Concept

    Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary has said that the welfare reform will be running in all of the country’s job centres from early next year, reports 24dash.

    Mr Duncan Smith claimed that the “significant acceleration” was a “sign of the success of the policy so far. UC is a vision for a new welfare settlement; a welfare state fit for the 21st century; a testament to the hard work of jobcentres and local authorities that we are now implementing it. It has now rolled out in the north west of England – to couples, shortly to families, to more than 1 in 8 jobcentres by Christmas – safely and securely as I always said. Today I can announce that we are going to accelerate the delivery of UC from the new year, bringing forward the national rollout through 2015/16 to every single community across Great Britain. Secure national delivery, yet at the same time, delivering that life change at a local level; strengthening community partnerships, helping vulnerable households. Not just helping the economy but reducing child poverty as well. It is bringing up to £35 billion in economic benefits to Britain over the next decade, helping people to get into work quicker and stay in it longer, making a lasting difference to people’s lives now and for generations to come. Universal Credit is going nationwide. I promise you we are going to finish what we started.”

    The latest official figures show that up to 11 September this year, 26,140 people had made UC claims – up 4,730 on the total amount of applicants recorded just one month before.

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    October 01, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Universal Credit

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