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    This is the tenth update from the Department’s Payment by Results (PbR) team for September 2012. The purpose of these updates is to keep colleagues in the NHS and other interested parties informed throughout the year about the team’s work.

    These updates are specific for payment by results in mental health services.

    PbR for adult mental health services

    Work is continuing to develop appropriate quality and outcome measures to be used as part of mental health PbR for working age adults and older people. Proposals for a Patient Recorded Outcome Measure (PROM) and a Clinician Led Outcome Measure (CLOM) will be set out in the road test package at the end of the year.

    We will be using the 2011-12 reference costs to calculate a set of indicative non-mandatory tariffs for the clusters that organisations can use for benchmarking purposes. We also plan to include these in the road test package.

    A further stage of testing the national algorithm has now been completed. Some further modifications to the algorithm are being undertaken and subject to approval by the mental health PbR project board it is planned to make the tool available to organisations in autumn 2012.

    The secure and forensic pilots are now underway. In additional to printed guidance, a web-based training video has also been produced which can be found on: .php To access more details about the mental health project please email to gain access to the QuickR site.

    PbR for child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

    The CAMHS team appointed by DH carried out a survey in March with providers and commissioners of CAMH services, followed up by two engagement events in early May. There was broad support for the development of needs-based clusters. Since then the team have been analysing existing data sets to getter a better understanding of current resource use and to refine the proposed clusters.

    The team is now concentrating on developing a programme of pilots. There has been a good response to calls for volunteers to pilot the assessment tools with all types of service and all regions represented. Pilots are expected to start from October onwards after on site training is provided by the team.

    The next step will be to develop an algorithm which can predict the cluster a child should belong to from information drawn from the assessment.

    Source: Department of Health




    September 25, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Mental Health

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