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    Using Social Media to gather feedback and improve your services

    Social Media has changed the way people connect, discover and share information. The housing support and social sector need to ensure they have an online presence. This could be through platforms such as a website, Twitter account, Facebook page and Blogs.

    These online platforms allow for interaction and conversation to take place with your service users, stakeholders and employees (to name a few). We need feedback within a business, organisation, community and as individual because it helps to make any required adjustments, and as a result, to improve the overall performance. Social Media allows feedback to be public and in 'real-time'.

    Birmingham Children's Hospital is embracing the uses of Social Media and has developed a free app to collect efficient and timely Feedback, allowing patients, carers and visitors to comment about the service they receive at any given time.

    The flexibility of the app means you do not need to be in the vicinity to give your feedback; it also relates to outpatients and those at home who have been discharged. Birmingham Children's Hospital is the first of its kind in the NHS to develop such an app.

    The feedback will be delivered directly and immediately to the hospital and passed directly to the manager in charge of the relevant ward or hospital area, so that issues can be dealt with in real-time.

    Views and comments are sent anonymously and are posted on their website along with responses from the Hospital for all to read. Messages containing names, medical details or swear words will however be filtered for data security reasons, and will not be shared on the website. (see below example)

    On the back of the reports surrounding Staffordshire Hospital, Birmingham Children's Hospital are demonstrating their commitment to openness and transparency.

    Ward Manager at the Hospital, Sue Davies, has said: “It shows that we take their [patients and families] views seriously and they don't just disappear into a black hole.”

    The app also allows users to give their overall feeling and views on how well the Hospital is performing.

    By using social media, Birmingham Children's Hospital has revolutionised their method of receiving ‘real-time' and instant feedback, which they can act on immediately, and where required, changes can be made for the better.

    Download the app for: 
    Android >>
    iPhone >>
    Blackberry >>

    Have you thought about developing an app for your organisation? Get your team involved and ask them what they think would work. Could you follow in the steps of Birmingham Children's Hospital and develop an app to provide feedback about your services within the sector?

    If you have already developed an app for your organisation, we would love to take a look!

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    February 20, 2013 by Laura Wightman Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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