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    A piece of land is to be turned into a sensory garden in Wolverhampton this week.

    Wolverhampton Homes – the Arms-Length Management Organisation, who manage over 23,000 council houses on behalf of the council, is using its £10,000 grant to deliver a sensory garden with the help of volunteers form its workforce, reports 24dash. 

    The garden is aimed to help older people, especially people living with dementia.

    With over than 3,600 people in Wolverhampton estimated to be living with dementia, Wolverhampton Homes hopes the new sensory garden will allow tenants to keep active, engaged and living independently for as long as possible. They’ll be laying new paths, putting in seating, creating large flower beds and creating a vegetable patch – the idea being that it will help stimulate the senses of its visitors so that people can touch, smell and hear things which are familiar.

    Lesley Roberts, Chief Executive at Wolverhampton Homes said: “This all stemmed from an idea a group of staff had. Most of us have seen the devastating effects dementia can have, so I’m really proud we’re doing our bit to help make Wolverhampton a more dementia-friendly city. We’ve got a proud record of giving something back to the community and I know it’s a project which is close to many people’s hearts. Hopefully, if the weather is on our side, come the summer, we’ll have a lovely garden the local tenants can really enjoy.”

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    April 21, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Community And Localism

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