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    It is expected that Liberal Democrat MPs will vote for a bill to water down the bedroom tax on Friday.

    The party is set to impose a three line whip on its MPs to vote for private members bill tabled by Andrew George. The bill will exempt people from the bedroom tax if reasonable alternative accommodation has not been offered by their landlord, reports Inside Housing. X In Checkbox

    The secretary of state would also be required to review the availability of affordable homes and intermediate housing whilst reporting to parliament after a year of the act coming into force.

    Mr George said: “I would have preferred to abolish the bedroom tax altogether, but, for a private members’ bill to have any chance of success, compromises have to be reached. The poor should have as much entitlement to a stable family home as the better off.  There are better ways of solving our housing crisis than creating misery for the most vulnerable. Naturally, if I succeed at second reading, I hope I can beef up the bill with amendments at committee stage, to extend exemptions to the bedroom tax and promote the intermediate housing market to make home ownership affordable to more people.”

    A spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said: “We are currently reviewing the specific contents of the private members’ bill proposed by Mr George, which has been in flux. The coalition government will collectively decide on its approach in due course.”

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    September 01, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Government And Reforms

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