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    The following pie charts are an illustration of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders in the UK according to the Guardian and Observer’s Christmas appeal.

    Percentage of adults suffering from common mental disorders:


    Prevalence of common mental disorders:

    Women (19.7%) are significantly more likely to experience common mental health disorders than men (12.5%), with the exception of obsessive compulsive disorders and panic disorders.

    The Time to Change campaign aims to help people to understand that mental health problems are not experienced by a small minority as these results above have proven otherwise.

    The primary data source on the prevalence of mental health conditions is the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey which was commissioned by the NHS and carried out by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) and the University of Leicester.

    Their data is a reflection of the 2007 survey which accounts for adults over 16 in private households.  16.2% of adults had a common mental disorder which included a number of depression and anxiety disorders, including social anxiety and post traumatic stress. These are the most common mental health problems causing distress and difficulties for people in their daily lives.

    “We still act as if ill mental health is something rare – but as the statistics show, it likely affects every family and every school in the country,” stated by NatCen’s Deputy Chief Executive.

    Reports the Guardian.

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