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    The government have said that businesses must become more dementia-friendly whilst also support employees who care for loved ones with dementia.

    Dementia affects almost 700,000 people in England and many friends and family take on the role of carer. Public Health England predicts that in 2014 50,000 carers will have to quit their job and 66,000 more will have to make adjustments at work.

    Due to these statistics they are launching a new awareness campaign, reports the BBC. 

    The new Dementia Friends initiative aims to show how a whole-society response will enable people with the condition to live well. To become a friend, individuals watch a short online film, explaning what dementia is, how it affects people and what you can do to help people living with the disease. People will also be able to attended face-to-face awareness sessions run by the Alzheimer’s Society charity in their area.

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “Dementia isn’t just a health condition – it attacks the fabric of our society and can take a huge toll on the families and friends of those affected by the disease. I am urging everyone – families, communities and businesses to come together to ensure that people with dementia can continue to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.”

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    May 07, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Care Quality

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