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    MPs have said that young people leaving the care system in England should not be placed in bed and breakfast accommodation and instead be provided with regulated accommodation.Cliff Top Hotel

    The Commons Education Select Committee has said that B&B accommodation is “threatening and frightening” and should only be used in emergency situations reports the BBC.

    MPs say that young people should not have to leave care until they are 21.

    The MPs report suggests that the quality of preparation for a young person’s transition from care to greater independence is “too often inadequate”. They raise particular concern about stories of young people leaving care and being housing in bed and breakfast accommodation.

    “One young person informed us that she had been living in a B&B for two years,” the report says.

    The report continues: “Statutory guidance is clear that B&Bs are unsuitable for young people in care and should only be used in very particular, emergency situations. Nonetheless, we are deeply troubled by the continued use of B&Bs. Far from being merely unsuitable, B&Bs can present an environment which feels unsafe and threatening to a young person. Many young people are settled and thriving in residential children’s homes. Young people living in residential children’s homes should have the right to remain there beyond the age of 18, just as young people in foster care now have the right to stay put until the age of 21. We recommend that the DfE extends ‘staying put’ to residential children’s homes.”

    A spokesman for the DfE said: “We have also been clear that young people must not be placed in bed and breakfasts unless absolutely essential, and we will take tough action where we find this is happening. It is our priority to improve the quality of residential care and we have set out our plans to do this. We are working closely with the National Children’s Bureau and the Who Cares? Trust to look at the practical issues of supporting young people to remain in homes until they are 21.”

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    July 17, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Care Quality

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