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    The NHS acknowledges the problem of mental health care for young people and the shortage of beds, but is “investing heavily in improving services”, Sky News reports. 

    Samantha and Jonathan Lethbridge who are struggling to find mental health care for their 10-year-old daughter have expressed their worry.

    Mr Lethbridge said:

    “Our daughter needs urgent medical support and there is nothing available.

    “If our daughter was admitted to hospital with an open broken leg, they’d rush her to surgery.

    “This is far worse. Her life is at risk. And we are being told there is nothing they can do for months.”

    Nick Harrop, from charity, Young Minds, said:

    “Far too often children and young people have to wait for months to get appropriate treatment if they get treatment at all.

    “When a child needs inpatient care when their crisis is so severe, there should be a bed available. But all too often, there aren’t enough beds available.

    “It’s an incredibly traumatic time for young people and their families and they need to get comprehensive support.”

    A spokesman for NHS also said:

    “It is clearly the case that CAMHS services need to expand and over the next five years, Government has allocated a cumulative £1.4bn to children and young people’s mental health services plus some new waiting times to ensure patients get better care more quickly.”

    “Last week, the NHS set out detailed plans to expand mental health services and staff so as to eliminate distant out of area placements and help patients get better care more quickly.”

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    For more details, visit Sky News.

    July 29, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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