Social Return On Investment

Support Solutions UK believes in the social and cost-benefit of preventative services. We believe in the need to focus on value before cost where preventative services are provided for people with additional needs.

Our approach to SROI is based on a combination of the SROI Network's 7 principles and also our own view that SROI methodolgies need to be attenuated to the conditions in which providers and commissioners work. Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers

Intensive Housing Management

Support Solutions UK is immensely successful in securing enhanced Housing Benefit revenue for nonprofit providers of housing support and social care.

We are the UK's best known and most successful organisation involved in assisting our clients to enhance their levels of Housing Benefit entitlement through the Exempt Accommodation rules.  Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers


Support Solutions UK has pioneered a unique approach to training, briefing and learning & development within the housing support and social care sector.

We have an excellent reputation for the quality of what we do and we are in significant demand to provide in-house training and to speak at external conferences and other events for Housing Benefit Teams, Commissioners and Providers of housing support and social care. Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers

Social Media

Support Solutions UK has a strongly developed social media presence including our Twitter feed, blog, LinkedIn and Facebook page which we have used to communicate and interact with our clients and others who share our interests in housing, support & social care.

Then we began to think about how social media could assist our clients to empower the people they provide services to and also to engage their staff. Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers

Welcome to Support Solutions UK

About Support Solutions UK

See our new Briefing "Funding Supported Housing"? 

Book onto our new series of half-day Briefing Events on the UK Government proposals for "Funding Supported Housing". New dates added due to demand.

  • We reinvented Intensive Housing Management and are now developing the Community Sustainment Model

  • We assist organisations to claim enhanced Housing Benefit & to estabish Exempt & Specified Accommodation status

  • We help providers and local authority and NHS Commissioners to prepare for the new funding arrangements for supported housing from 2020

  • We work with private capital investors who have an interest in supported and sheltered housing, in particular 'Specialised Supported Housing'

  • We broker property acquisition for use as supported housing, in particular, 'Specialised Supported Housing'
  • We work with property companies to structure revenue for their property through social use

  • We publish highly-regarded Briefings, organise conferences and events and speak publicly on supported housing and related areas

  • We have a very strong track record in both predicting and influencing UK Government policy on supported housing

Support Solutions UK is a highly regarded and influential consultancy firm with a national reputation. We have effected structural (financial) change within the housing, support and social care sector and we continue to accurately predict and influence national policy in this regard.

We are dedicated to the housing support & social care sector which means that we keep our costs and prices well within reach of providers.

Revenue Optimisation "Coventry Mind has recently worked through a programme of Housing Benefit optimisation with Support Solutions and in particular their specialist Danny Key. Throughout the whole process Danny demonstrated that he has excellent knowledge of the subject and was able to put forward a convincing case for the increase in funding to the Housing Benefit team. Coventry Mind has already and will continue to recommend Support Solutions and in particular this service to other organisations." Steven Hill - Director of Central Services


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