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Support Solutions Ltd has become Support Solutions UK. We are in the process of rebranding so you will see our website change significantly in the coming weeks as we update it and upgrade it to reflect our new brand and advances in the Internet and especially mobile and smartphone technology. More about this on our "About Us" page.

Watch this space for new briefings! We have just published a new briefing on Exempt & Specified Accommodation & Intensive Housing Management and further briefings are due this month on SROI and the "Silver Surge": our term for the implications of the burgeoning population of older people, which will have a significant impact on how we organise and fund services going forward. If you want to receive our well-regarded and free briefings please leave your name and email address in the box to the right of this page.

Support Solutions UK has been established since 1991. We assist organisations involved in supporting people with additional needs. Most of our clients are Registered Providers, charities, nonprofit organisations and statutory sector agencies.


"Blue Skies Thinking"

We are best known for having reintroduced "Intensive Housing Management" to the sector, for our detailed knowledge of Exempt Accommodation & Specified Accommodation and of the Housing Benefit regulations as they affect people with additional needs.

We are very successful in negotiating enhanced levels of Housing Benefit revenue for our clients, which we do non-adversarially with Housing Benefit colleagues. In so doing we have enabled very many organisations to properly resource their services to people with additional needs, protect them from Welfare Reform Act provisions.

We have created a funding model that works: if we don't increase housing revenue we don't charge.

We are influencers. We speak and publish widely and what we say and write changes things. Our widely read briefings are highly-regarded and free.

We have developed an approach to Social Return On Investment (SROI) to match the changing way in which services are funded and commissioned.

We believe in focussing on value not cost in the knowledge that funding services that are preventative reduces cost and meets needs much more effectively.

We use social media widely and assist our clients to use it as a very low cost means of communication, engagement and empowerment for staff and for people with additional needs.


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