Social Return On Investment

Support Solutions UK believes in the social and cost-benefit of preventative services. We believe in the need to focus on value before cost where preventative services are provided for people with additional needs.

Our approach to SROI is based on a combination of the SROI Network's 7 principles and also our own view that SROI methodolgies need to be attenuated to the conditions in which providers and commissioners work. Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers

Intensive Housing Management

Support Solutions UK is immensely successful in securing enhanced Housing Benefit revenue for nonprofit providers of housing support and social care.

We are the UK's best known and most successful organisation involved in assisting our clients to enhance their levels of Housing Benefit entitlement through the Exempt Accommodation rules.  Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers


Support Solutions UK has pioneered a unique approach to training, briefing and learning & development within the housing support and social care sector.

We have an excellent reputation for the quality of what we do and we are in significant demand to provide in-house training and to speak at external conferences and other events for Housing Benefit Teams, Commissioners and Providers of housing support and social care. Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers

Social Media

Support Solutions UK has a strongly developed social media presence including our Twitter feed, blog, LinkedIn and Facebook page which we have used to communicate and interact with our clients and others who share our interests in housing, support & social care.

Then we began to think about how social media could assist our clients to empower the people they provide services to and also to engage their staff. Read more....

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Support Solutions UK: strategic advice & funding for housing, care & support providers

Welcome to Support Solutions UK

About Support Solutions UK

Support Solutions UK is a highly regarded and influential consultancy firm with a national reputation. We have effected structural (financial) change within the housing, support and social care sector and we continue to accurately predict and influence national policy in this regard.

We assist organisations involved in supporting people with additional needs. Our clients are Registered Providers, charities, nonprofit organisations, statutory sector agencies, private equity firms and property developers.

We guide our clients through the maze of policy and financial detail that constitutes housing, support and social care. We obtain capital revenue for services for people with additional needs, we publish influential briefings, we run national events and conferences, we structure capital finance and supporting revenue for organisations involved in accommodating and supporting people with additional needs.


If you're familiar with the term "Intensive Housing Management" it's as a consequence of the fact that Support Solutions reintroduced those words, and the funding that attaches to them via complex Housing Benefit regulations, as a response to Supporting People retrenchment as far back as 2005. This has had a hugely significant impact on the ability of housing providers to fund preventative services for people with additional needs to the tune of many millions of pounds each year. Very many supported housing and tenancy sustainment services would not have survived, or developed, without it. Support Solutions is responsible for the creation of a substantial national budget that has developed as Supporting People has reduced; we identified the regulatory route and have since been involved in negotiating the bulk of the revenue paid through it.

We devised the idea of funding Tenancy Sustainment services from enhanced Housing Benefit and via core rent as well and are now visualising a new enhanced role for providers of additional services (social landlords and others), which we call "Community Sustainment" in keeping with the wider and deeper role expected of organisations that provide preventative services to people with additional needs. And that term "people with additional needs" was devised by us to replace clumsy and outmoded terms such as "service users".

We don't receive any funding from any government as a principle. We're an independent voice. We do our work quietly and without fanfare but we make a big difference to national policy, the funding organisations have and services for people with additional needs.

We are dedicated to the housing support & social care sector which means that we keep our costs and prices well within reach of providers.

The Welfare Reform Act: Universal Credit, Sheltered and Supported Housing The content was concise and to the point. The content was relevant to our service, and gave us a better us a better indication of were stand with upcoming changes. Rosie Kaur - Panahghar


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