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Support Solutions has carved a niche as a provider of revenue optimisation, strategic positioning and learning & development services. We are an established part of the housing support & social care sector with excellent contacts developed over our 22 years of work.

Our aim is to influence policy in favour of the sector in these challenging times and to be the first to know of and interpret policy development and change which impacts on our sector.

  • We are experts in the Welfare Reform Act & Exempt Accommodation, especially as these affect vulnerable people and organisations that provide and/or commission services for vulnerable people.
  • We help clients to enhance their housing revenue streams: Support Solutions is primarily associated with the reintroduction of "Intensive Housing Management" (additional housing management services) funding to the sector through our unrivalled knowledge of Housing Benefit & Exempt Accommodation. We are well-known for the work we do in optimising housing benefit entitlements where providers accommodate vulnerable tenants.
  • We help clients to diversify & enhance their non-housing revenue streams: it is critical to diversify revenue within the brave new funding world we're entering. That could be engaging with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to access NHS funding for prevention, engaging with local authorities over the public health agenda, looking at social investment arrangements like social impact bonds or seeking funding for specific projects.
  • We provide detailed & highly regarded electronic briefings on issues of interest to the sector, most recently on Universal Credit and Supported & Sheltered Housing. Just leave your details in the box to the right of the screen.
  • We influence the sector and the environment within which it works through the contacts we have and our technical expertise & the agendas within which we engage, for example, Exempt Accommodation & Universal Credit.
  • We are in demand to speak at conferences, training and other events. We provide hugely popular "at cost" briefing & training events and conferences on topical issues.
  • We provide Senior Management and Board briefings that are very highly regarded for their quality of knowledge, information and perception. Currently we are in great demand by organisations that want us to help them navigate the maze of Welfare Reform and changed funding.

We are dedicated to the housing support & social care sector which means that we keep our costs and prices well within reach of providers.


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We have expertise in working with providers of housing related support and social care.

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